Food Service

Food Service/Retail Food Establishments

Our office licenses and inspects all businesses involved in retail food sales in Shelby County. These businesses include restaurants, groceries, schools, carry-outs, food booths at festivals, vending machines, food trailers, and retail stores. We investigate complaints and possible foodborne disease outbreaks. The Uniform Retail Ohio Food Safety Code is based on the FDA Model Food Code. This is continually updated to reflect changes in the Model Food Code.

Power out?  What to do with refrigerated and frozen foods during a power outage.

Free FDA Food Defense Course online.

Ohio Department of Health Food Safety Food Code & Consumer Information
Ohio Department of Agriculture Food Safety Food Code & Consumer Information

Food Service Operation/Retail Food Establishment License Application
Temporary FSO/RFE Plan Review Packet
FSO/RFE Plan Review Packet

Mobile FSO/RFE Plan Review Packet

Technical Information
Allergen Poster for Restaurants (English)
Allergen Poster for Restaurants (Spanish)
Cheese Exempt from Date Marking
Daily Self-Assessment Checklist for Food Security
Example Food Label
Cottage Food/Home Bakery Fact Sheet
Farmer’s Market Fact Sheet
Farm Market Fact Sheet

Summary Chart for Minimum Cooking Food Temperatures
Food Safety Temperatures Times with Pictures
3 Compartment Sink Setup
Welcoming Guests: Training Employees about Food Allergies
Welcoming Guests: Training Employees about Food Allergies (Spanish)

Helpful Links
CDC/healthy water/emergency/drinking-water-advisory-communication-toolbox
CDC- FoodNet
Resource Fact Sheets for the Following: Clean-up Procedures for Vomit/Fecal Accidents, Food Safety after a Fire, Nitrates and Food Safety, Potable Water Interruptions, Power Outages in Food Service Operations and Reopening a FSO or RFE after a Flood
FDA Food Page
FDA Model Food Code
Fight Bac!
Food Marketing Institute
Food Safety .gov
Is That Food Still Good? Still
National Restaurant Association
Ohio Fish Consumption Advisory
ServSafe-Food Safety Certification Course
USDA Food Safety & Consumer Information

Recalls, Market Withdrawls, & Safety Alerts