Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Since 9-11-2001 the role of Public Health in Emergency Preparedness has been evolving. The Sidney-Shelby County Health Department has been keeping up with these changes.

A public health emergency is any event or situation demanding immediate action on the part of the public health system in order to prevent disease and injury or maintain public health within the community of service. Emergencies can be natural or man-made.

Help Yourself and Your Family
All of us face the possibility of natural disasters, accidents, power outages or intentional acts to disrupt our daily lives. We cannot control the weather or prevent disasters from happening, but there are steps you can take to minimize risks from known hazards. Planning now can help save lives later.

* Access and Functional Needs Populations
* Active Shooter Preparedness “Run-Hide-Fight”
* Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed
* Pandemic Flu
* Ready.Ohio.Gov

Are you and your family prepared for an emergency? Be sure you are signed up to receive emergency communications through the Shelby County Emergency Notification System. This communication system is designed to send thousands of calls or messages simultaneously. The message informs residents of what emergency is occurring and what steps they need to take. Click the link to find out more….

How can Local Citizens Assist the Health Department in Times of Need?

Should a public health disaster occur, the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers will be called to action by the state or the county health department to assist with the set-up of dispensing sites and the distribution of medication. All levels of volunteers are being recruited, both medical and non-medical, to perform a variety of services, such as:

* client greeters
* language translators
* nurses
* pharmacists
* clinical social workers
* amateur and ham radio operators
* clerical assistants
* site assistants
* physicians
* mental health workers
* computer technicians

MRC Brochure

To volunteer, go to the Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry at https:www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov

  • Click “Register Now”
  • Click “Add Organizations,” select the plus sign (+) for a drop down of county MRC units
  • Select your county of residence or employment
  • Complete the application
  • Congratulations! You will hear from your local coordinator with next steps within one to two days

If you need assistance or have questions about volunteering, contact the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department 937-498-7249

More Information on how to prepare for specific emergencies:

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Emergency Response Plan

Read our emergency plan and feel free to send us your ideas and opinions.

Sidney-Shelby County Emergency Response Plan
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